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News of MatinSport Company.

JOMA SPORT Officialy sent 100% Free Sponsorship offer for Iran National Football team for attending World Cup 2018 on Wednesday 16 May 2018.

JOMA is the official sponsor of Esfahan Grand Prize Tennis Tournamet 1500 points. JOMA has a great reputation in Esfahan since cooperating with SEPAHAN FC.

AZAD UNIVERSITY became Champion of Iran Badminton Super League while wearing JOMA apparel. Few members of Azad University team use CARLTON Badminton Racket and Shoes which is a Brand represented by MATIN SPORT in Iran

Ali Asghar Hassanzadeh, Captain of Iran National Futsal Team and Best Futsal Player of Asia in 2014 joined JOMA family through a two years agreement. Hassanzadeh will wear JOMA futsal shoes in the court and JOMA apparel in all sports occasions for two years ...

SEPAHAN FOOTBALL CLUB weared JOMA in its winter-campus and freindly matches in Kish Island in late December 2014 ...

TRETORN TROPHY RAMEDAN TENNIS TOURNAMENT will be hold from 22-29 July in Esteghlal International Tennis Academy for boys and girls all age groups. This Tournament is organized by Matin Sport and Iran Tennis Federation.ce

DUNLOP SPORTS Grand Prize Tennis Weekend Games hold by MATIN SPORTS in Adjudanie Tennis Club; at the end Mohsen HosseinZade won the 1-day tournament and received 1 milion tomans cash, Mohammad Mohazabnia stood on 2nd place and received 350,000 tomans and Moein Mohammadi and Hesam Yazdi rewarded 150,000 tomans mutually as the 3rd place

According to MATIN SPORT PR, GHAZALEH TORKAMAN Iran ladies No.1 Ranking and member of Iran National Team, will play tennis with THUNDERSTORM which is one of top strings of SIGNUM PRO from now on

MATIN SPORT sponsored Iran National Play-off tournaments with TRETORN SERIE+ and ROTHENBAUM balls. All players loved the balls and Iran Tennis Feeration will sign an sponsorship contract with Tretorn very soon ...

MATIN SPORT done the first transaction with CLARK FRANCIS TENNIS ACADEMY , which is the biggest in Middle East, over SIGNUM PRO STRINGS. Now SIGNUM PRO is the official string which is in use by coaches of CLRAK FRANCIS TENNIS ACADEMY.

11th week of MATIN SPORT ADINE TENNIS TOURS hold on Qods Tennis Club on 6 September 2013 with attendance of 25 players. MOHSEN HOSSEINZADE won this tournament while HAMID ROUSHANI got the second place. MOHSEN SHERAFATI stood on third place together.

Fifth week of MATIN SPORT ADINE TENNIS TOURS hold on Qods Tennis Club on 19 July 2013 with attendance of more 284 players. MOEIN MOHAMMADI won this tournament while HAMIDREZA YAL YASIN got the second place. Mohsen Sherafati and MOHSEN HOSSIENZADE stood on third place together.

First Day of MATIN SPORT ADINE TENNIS TOURS hold on Qods Tennis Club on 22 June 2013 with attendance of more than 30 players. Mojtaba Sadri won this tournament while Shayan Ahmadi got the second place. Mohsen Sherafati and Hadi Chapari stand on third place together.


Matin Sport First Ski Academy started in Dizin International Ski Resort, Iran on March 2013. In this Ski Academy some Iranian former international champions and currents national team coaches such as Seyed Bahaddin Said are coaching.

Matin Sport Store No.2 is opened in Tehran. Store No.2 is a Tennis Pro Shop in which the products from two famous brands HEAD and SIGNUM PRO is selling out. Store No.2 located in Qods Tennis Club.