One of the world leading Padel Brands now sponsoring world No.1 Ale Galan. Taking advantage of Adidas Concept and Technologies.


Is the third brand in Soccer world , while is No.1 in Futsal. More than 50% of players in last world cup worn JOMA futsal shoes.


Is the German String product, which has an unique technology of producing polyester tennis string. It is known for its economic good quality strings.


Swedish Tennis Ball and Rain Boot brand , which has a long history in production of rubber products. Matin Sport is the distributor since 2014.


Is the leading brand in Squash World sponsoring top ranking players. Durability, Quality , and technology is what is awarded by DUNLOP SPORTS to its players.


Is the Spanish Elegant Brand of Luggage and Bags since 2007. Matin Sport is solde license of JORNADA worldwide producing in Iran and China.

About us

MATIN SPORT established in December 2011 by Mohammad Reza Safi as a subsidiary of SAFI COMMERCIAL in field of Sporting Goods and Apparel. Matin Sport first Store opened the same year in Tehran selling HEAD Ski and Tennis products. In 2012 Matin Sport signed exclusive distribution agreement with German String Producer SIGNUM PRO , and started holding Tennis Tournaments the same year to promote the Brand in Iran Market. In 2013 Matin Sport started distribution of DUNLOP SPORTS products such and Tennis and Squash Balls and Racquets. In Early 2014 Matin Sport signed exclusive distribution agreement with TRETORN SWEDEN and the same year signed with Iran Tennis Federation as the sponsor of Tennis Balls for two seasons. In Mid 2014 JOMA SPORT SA start negotiations with Matin Sport and soon after that two companies signed an exclusive agreement for Iran Market. We sponsored big clubs of Iran Soccer Super League such FOOLAD FC , SEPAHAN FC , and PERSEPOLIS FC which is the most popular football club in Asia for two season in row ( 2016-2017 and 2017-2018) and in both seasons PERSEPOLIS became the Champion of the league with JOMA Jersey. From 2015 till now Matin Sport sponsored big names of Futsal such as Aliasghar Hassanzadeh ( 4 times best futsal player of Asia). In 2019 MATIN SPORT started its exclusive cooperation with ADIDAS PADEL and at the same year signed with the one and only padel club in Iran as the main technical sponsor, meantime sponsored some of the Padel National Team players. In 2020 Matin Sport started its luxury project of PADELZONE Kordan in Alborz Province ( one of the two HUBs of Tennis in the country) and started the most luxuries and the only standard Padel Club of Iran in June 2021..

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